315-325 Spadina Avenue: A development proposal in Chinatown

In 2020, a development application was brought forward for 315-325 Spadina Avenue in Chinatown. The application would replace Rol San Restaurant, a much-loved staple in the community.

Throughout the development review process, the planners recognized, and in some cases, were reminded by the community of the need to ensure their meetings and project materials were communicated in ways that were accessible to the community's residents, many of whom did not speak English.

The planners working on the project took a number of additional steps to ensure that meeting and project information was accessible to all, including the following:

- Development notice signage was provided with complete translations in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

- Three meeting invites were prepared to be sent out to interested parties in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

- At the follow-up virtual community consultation meeting in December 2020, City Planning arranged for two simultaneous translators for Mandarin and Cantonese (if anybody needed it) through two separate Webex meetings.

- A working group led by Councillor Layton was established to discuss community concerns and work with the developer on identifying and addressing the community's needs. In addition to City Planning staff and the developer team, members of the working group included representatives from the Grange Community Association, Friends of Kensington Market, the Friends of Chinatown Toronto, the Cecil Community Centre, and various interested community members. Occasionally, staff from other City departments were brought in, such as the Housing Secretariat, City Planning's Housing policy team, and Economic Development to address specific concerns.


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